Open thread: After one year of Biden in office, what do you think of the smart border?

So yet again we are very curious about what you think. It’s been one year since Joe Biden took office with a number of promises about the border. One was to create a “smart” border. What do you think about that? What exactly does he mean and what has his administration done? Has this helped make the border more “humane” and “fair” as promised or does it take it in other directions? In these terms what do you think will happen on the border in 2022, what are some things we should keep an eye on especially as mid-terms approach? And, finally, is there a way to think about and/or forge another path?

Luckily we have some people who have looked extensively in border technology who will be joining in the conversation. We will be joined by a group of people who have done extensive work on border technology and its impacts including the Deputy Director of the Immigrant Defense Project Mizue Aizeki, Geographers Geoffrey Boyce and Samuel Chambers, and journalist J. Weston Phippen.

I will have some housekeeping in the first post. And I will post some articles reports and other things to inform the conversation.