Sharing Border Chronicle stories and interviews (and giving you full credit) on Gila Mimbres Community Radio - KURU , Silver City, New Mexico. Thank you for keeping us informed, inspired and aware, and imaging a better world. Stay safe!! Carry on. (Just upped my subscription. ) Maree

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May 10Liked by Melissa del Bosque

i have a paid subscription and gifted another. will you be sending a reminder for renewal?

also, i suggest you could investigate and report on health related issues on the border including the binational governmental coordination/collaboration of public health concerns, academic research, cbo's/ngo's, cross-border health insurance, etc.


alvaro garza

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I've just started a new job. I'll make sure a new subscription comes out of my salary at the end of the month!

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Hmmm, I am surprised at the desire to be worldwide and not just US border focused. The desired growth is to be admired but it is not why I started reading your publication.

I wish you the best but I am not interested in your desired direction.

I regretfully ask to be dropped from your unpaid subscription and not be a drain on your finances.

Good luck in your future projects.


B. Johnson

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