May 18, 2022Liked by Todd Miller

A very well founded discussion. Thank you Border Chronicle.

Linking climate migration with the failure of neo-liberal governments' catch-all-solution of-free-trade starts with demanding land rights and protection of communities from extraction in Latin America and elsewhere. The political forces defending this displacement and migration cycle are the same ones profiting off of its reproduction. Demanding direct economic representation in land use is key. Tying aid to allowing UN human rights monitoring in countries where journalists and environmentalists and land defenders are murdered routinely is necessary.

Calling for the application of international sanctions against governments that use their militaries against those popular social movements is needed. What the United States did to native nations at its founding is what it is involved within other countries today. Apparently some oligarchs' wealth can be traced to off-shore accounts, but the wealthy in the United States still have impunity.

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