Nov 12, 2021Liked by Todd Miller

Eye opening talk. Ideas discussed can be a way to gain an understanding on the bigger forces that are shaping the border. I am thinking specifically on the discussion on official language (language that is used by the U. S. and the Mexican governments) and how it has the power to override the reality that us who live in the border experience.

I also wanted to mention to those readers that can read Spanish that the book discussed (Los Carteles no Existen - Narcotrafico y Cultura en Mexico) can be easily purchased as an e-book in the U. S.

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Oct 21, 2021Liked by Melissa del Bosque, Todd Miller

This conversation is so interesting to me. The US can ignore a (local) GANG problem in MX and C - but the DRUG CARTELS (who facilitate drug traffic into the US) affect us in a more significant way and create a perfect excuse for the US to build border walls and increase national security. I am particularly interested in OZ's comments about using drug cartels as an excuse to allow police/governments to enter villages where there is indigenous unrest because of extractive industries - especially in Guatemala (I am less familiar with MX) Don't miss this University of Arizona charla about journalism in MX being in danger because, in part, of the drug cartels (I think they attribute 30% of the journalist deaths to drug cartels)


Please keep up the good work, Todd and Melissa

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