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Help us Make The Border Chronicle a Full Time Project

Support our work today and elevate independent border journalism.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. We believe that now, more than ever, it’s vital to be on the ground reporting, analyzing, and challenging the disinformation being spread by antidemocratic forces.

But it’s tough these days for journalism. Publications of all sizes are closing around the country in the midst of one of the most consequential elections in history.

The Border Chronicle began three years ago this September with a vision to cut through that chaos, but we can’t do it without your help.

Migration, humanitarian work, and the border region are being used by authoritarians to fearmonger and intimidate Americans into voting away their freedoms in this next election.


As we near our publication’s three-year anniversary and celebrate the people and communities whose stories we’ve had the privilege of sharing, we’re asking you to help us reach The Border Chronicle’s original funding goal.

More than 900 of our readers have already committed to the paid subscriptions that have made these stories possible so far. We need 2,000 members of our community in total, including these 900, to make it possible for Todd and I to do this work full time and to take The Border Chronicle to a level above what it is today.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to The Border Chronicle. A subscription is just $6 a month or $60 a year.

We also have a founding member tier for $150, which comes with two additional paid subscriptions for friends and family and a very stylish Border Chronicle tote bag sewn by the women’s cooperative DouglaPrieta Works in Agua Prieta, Sonora (available in black or beige).

This cool tote bag could be yours!

We’re proud of our work and we hope you’ll continue reading about the communities in the big and beautiful U.S.-Mexico border region and staying informed. Thanks for watching and supporting The Border Chronicle!

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The Border Chronicle
The Border Chronicle
The Border Chronicle podcast is hosted by Melissa del Bosque and Todd Miller. Based in Tucson, Arizona, longtime journalists Melissa and Todd speak with fascinating fronterizos, community leaders, activists, artists and more at the U.S.-Mexico border.