Open thread: If you were magically put in charge of the border, what would you do?

Today we are trying something new on The Border Chronicle, an open thread with a topic/question to which you can reply. So for the next hour or two let’s imagine that you are magically put in charge of U.S. borders. You can do anything you want. What will you do?

Would you keep it the same? Would you fortify them more or open the borders up? Or something in between? Would respecting freedom of movement be important to you? Would you begin to demilitarize the border? Is it possible that money put to border and immigration enforcement could be better spent ($25 billion went to CBP and ICE in 2021)? Or would you remove the border altogether and imagine a whole new way of organizing the world? Or anything else?

Please consider this a free-wheeling good faith discussion and from our part we are genuinely interested in what you have to say, no matter what it is, including any struggles you might have with any of this.

We are happy that White Borders author, geographer Reece Jones (who has also written extensively on freedom of movement), former Border Patrol agent turned border activist Jenn Budd, and journalist John Washington ,currently at work on a book about open borders, will be joining the discussion.