With minus 20 degree wind chills predicted for Chicago next week a lot of newly arrived illegals are going to be wondering if they made a huge mistake in heading north.

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I imagine that most Illegals cross the Mexican Border in the back of an Eighteen Wheeler.

Not across the Sonora Desert. Have you come across Biden`s Unaccompanied Child

Trafficking Operation ? Also Cities all over the States filling up with Latin Migrants. When Trump gets Elected ,he`ll build a Wall/ Fence on the Border. He should get the Chinese to

help. Their Wall is 2,000 + Miles long ,And can be seen from Space.

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You do know that USBP officers, health care workers and others who come into contact with all these migrants can't talk to media and give anecdotes? You'll never hear squat from them because they have jobs and families. The only ones who can go on record are politicians and administrators with agendas. The border is one big fucking tragedy right now. Cartels are making money. American businesses are saving money. And these poor desperate migrants are getting exploited. And nobody who wants to keep their career will tell the stories. But anyone of goodwill with half a brain knows what happens when folks get so desperate...

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