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Nice discussion. The reality of the border and of border enforcement would be so different if the public and if national decision makers had the historical knowledge that Isabel Garcia points to. To understand migration into the U. S.’s southern border, even to begin to speak about this migration one must be knowledgeable about the political, economic, and labor relations that the American government promoted/enforced and continues to promote/enforce on the rest of the Americas.

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For MORE than two decades, Isabel Garcia was a "Pied Piper" who "aided and abetted, enticed and invited, and otherwise invited impoverished Mexicans to illegally cross the border for economic and political exploitation."

She is NO "Humanitarian!"

She is what Lenin called a "Useful Idiot", who helped Arizona business to achieve the endless supply of "cheap and exploitable" labor the state was built on. The scope and depth of that exploitation, is set forth in "Mexican Workers and the Making of Arizona", written by Arizona professors Gloria H. Cuádraz, Luis F. B. Plascencia.

I will further explore Garcia's efforts, it in "Ground Zero: How Arizona Created the Crisis on the Border."

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