What Are the Most Important Issues Facing the Borderlands at This Moment?

The Border Chronicle is officially six months old! Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort, and we hope you’ll recommend The Border Chronicle to your friends who enjoy independent and insightful journalism about the borderlands. So far, we’ve revealed how the Border Patrol union and right-wing media help stoke anti-immigrant prejudice and White nationalism, and how President Biden’s proposed high-tech “virtual wall” is even more invasive than a physical wall. We’ve also started a Border Chronicle podcast featuring interviews such as Eric Gamino’s perspective as a former South Texas lawman participating in one of Texas’ many politicized border “surges” to Isabel Garcia’s fascinating history as an immigrant and human rights organizer in Arizona.


Today, we want to hear from you, dear reader, on topics you’d like to see us cover. What are the most important issues facing the borderlands at this moment? You can write your thoughts/suggestions in the discussion thread link below. Todd and I will answer questions and participate in the discussion from 10:00 a.m. to noon MST. We’ll leave the thread open all day then follow up again later in the afternoon. We look forward to hearing from you!

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